Welcome to ISAK

The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) was founded as an organisation of individuals whose scientific and professional endeavour is related to kinanthropometry.

ISAK's purpose is to create and maintain an international network of colleagues who represent the world community transcending geography, politics and the bounds of separate disciplines in order to establish a dynamic area of scientific endeavour.

Kinanthropometry is the area of science concerned with the measurement of human body composition. As a result of changes in life styles, nutrition, activity levels and ethnic compositon of populations, changes to the distribution of body dimensions are forever occurring. Kinanthropometry is the interface between anatomy and movement. It takes the measurement of the human body and determines it's capability for function and movement in a range of settings.

ISAK has developed international standards for anthropometric assessment and an international anthropometry accreditation scheme (IAAS). The accreditation scheme is based on the concept of a four-level hierarchy. A key element in it is the objective maintenance of quality assurance by requiring that all levels have to meet initial technical error of measurement (TEM).

ISAK World Conference 2014

ISAK is pleased to announce that the ISAK World Conference will be in Spain in 2014. It will be held from 10 to 12 July 2014, at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), Murcia, Spain. The focus of the conference will be to inspire a learning legacy that will increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of kinanthropometry.  Immediately prior to the conference, on 9 July, a re-accreditation opportunity for all levels will be offered.
Further information at isak.ucam.edu

February 2014 Kinanthreport edition

The last Kinanthreport edition is avaliable in the publications section. You can also download the PDF file or open this flipsnack link.

ISAK course approvals 2013

ISAK's new Secretary-General, Dr Clare Hencken, will be handling all ISAK central course administration from now on, so requests for course approvals for 2013 should be sent directly to  Clare Hencken using this document.

Communications in regard to 2012 courses should still be sent to the previous Secretary-General, Prof Mike Marfell-Jones, at
 Michael Marfell-Jones

ISAK currency change

As the ISAK Secretariat has now moved to England, ISAK has made the decision to change its currency of operation to pounds sterling In the short term, until the new Secretariat is fully operational, some invoices will still be sent out in US dollars.  It will be important, therefore, to take particular note of the currency specified on the invoice and the method of payment in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.  

New Editor of Kinanthreport

ISAK is pleased to announce the appointment of new Kinanthreport Editor – Dr Fernando Ferreyro, from the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatán, Merida, Mexico.  He takes over from Dr Carmel Nottle, University of South Australia, who has been the editor since 2009 and whom ISAK wishes to thank most sincerely for her efforts in keeping the newsletter going.

Dr  Ferreyro will be welcoming articles and course reports in both English and Spanish.  These can be sent to him at fferreyro@uady.mx

Keep in mind that the role of the editor is not to write the material for the report, but to gather it and format it for production in each issue.  It is ISAK’s goal to publish three issues a year, but that cannot happen without your support.

New Chilean Kinanthropometry Association

A group of Chilean Anthropometrists are working in the creation of the Chilean Kinanthropometry Association. All the anthropometrists that are interested in taking part in the association, please send an email to: Claudia Arancibia Cid at claudia.arancibia@unab.cl

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